Top 3 Indoor Soccer Balls for Indoor Football

Indoor Soccer Balls

Forget the grass stains and embrace the polished perfection!

Indoor soccer ignites the world with its lightning-fast footwork and tactical wizardry played out on sleek courts. But to truly unleash your futsal finesse, you need the right weapon – the perfect indoor soccer ball.

Indoor courts demand a specialized ball, an aerodynamic marvel crafted for unyielding traction, pinpoint control, and a low, predictable bounce. Imagine unleashing pinpoint passes with a Select Indoor Soccer Ball or dancing past defenders with the nimble touch of a Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball. These indoor soccer masters are built to conquer the polished battlefield.

But choosing the right indoor soccer ball isn’t just about big names, though giants like Adidas offer futsal finesse too.

Look for key ingredients like a textured cover for enhanced grip and a low-bounce profile for laser-like precision. Ditch the unpredictable hops and embrace the controlled touch of a true indoor masterpiece.

3 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

These are the best indoor soccer balls to play in an indoor arena because they’re of low weight and also have less bounce plus the quality is insane I am playing with these balls in the arena on the plain, shiny court of soccer. I have also been using them for my team and coaching purposes because they’re really up to the mark

My Choice

Select Super Indoor Soccer Ball
Select Indoor Soccer Ball
  • Responsive
  • Durable
  • Sticks to foot

2nd Choice

Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball Professional Delta
Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball
  • Precise handling
  • Stable trajectories
  • Affordable

3rd Choice

Nike Indoor Soccer Ball
Nike Indoor Soccer Ball
  • Soft – Cushioned feel
  • Accurate shots
  • Proven quality

Select Super Indoor Soccer Ball

Select Super Indoor Soccer Ball
Select Super Indoor Soccer Ball
Get pro-level performance without the premium price tag


  • Excellent feel and touch on hard surfaces
  • Optimized for indoor playability
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Great control and accuracy
  • Affordable pricing


  • Short return window

After using Select indoor soccer balls I can attest that Select Super is one of the best indoor soccer, futsal, and arena soccer balls available. The materials give it a soft, grippy feel that sticks to your foot, ideal for the polished courts of indoor venues.

Touches and passes have pinpoint accuracy thanks to the responsive construction. The Select Super handles cleanly and strikes true, enabling top-level indoor ball control.

In my experience, any minor downsides are outweighed by the superb playability. I don’t mind occasionally re-inflating to maintain the Select Super’s optimal performance. And the responsiveness and quality far exceed balls with a lower price tag.

For indoor enthusiasts seeking an affordable ball with a premium feel and indoor-specific engineering, the Select Super is a top choice. I’m confident newer players and veterans alike will appreciate the Select Super as much as I do while playing indoor soccer.

With its grip, accuracy, and control optimized for futsal and arena soccer, the Select Super is a smart investment for elevating your indoor game. I highly recommend this ball for smooth indoor-style play that improves skills and enjoyment of the fast-paced indoor version of the beautiful game.

Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball Professional Delta

Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball Professional Delta
Mitre Indoor Soccer Ball Professional Delta
Get precision, control, and feel for affordable cost


  • Durable synthetic leather cover
  • Great traction and grip on hard courts
  • Provides accuracy on shots
  • Holds shape well over time
  • Budget-friendly cost


  • Can pick up scuff marks

I know the importance of having a quality ball engineered for the hard court. The Mitre Delta meets the demands of competitive futsal and arena soccer with its indoor-optimized design.

Right from the first touch, the Delta feels crisp and responsive on the polished surface. The durable synthetic leather cover provides excellent grip and control, enabling precise dribbling and passing sequences.

Shots take off with accuracy thanks to the balanced weight and low bounce profile.

Nike Indoor Soccer Balls

Nike Indoor Soccer Ball
Nike Indoor Soccer Ball
Enjoy longevity thanks to premium materials


  • Soft, responsive enhancing touches
  • Traction and control for tight spaces
  • True, fast shots on goal
  • Premium quality and durability
  • Trusted brand with experience


  • Can have minor shape imperfections

I’ve used Nike balls extensively for both training and competition. The Nike Indoor Soccer Ball becomes a natural extension of your foot on the hard court surface. The responsive traction and soft synthetic leather cover provide excellent control for dribbling and passing.

You can feel the quality difference in the flight and durability compared to cheaper training balls.

In all weather conditions from rain to snow, the Nike Indoor Soccer Ball retains its grip and playability on synthetic turf. While some users report issues with air retention, my training groups have found the Nike ball holds air consistently even with regular indoor use.

The Nike Indoor Ball feels round with a natural roll and movement. For a premium indoor match ball without the premium price tag, the Nike is an excellent choice. I confidently recommend it to elevate your indoor skills and enjoyment.

With quality optimizing both durability and feel, the Nike Indoor Soccer Ball helps take your futsal or arena soccer game to the next level.

What Makes Indoor Soccer Balls Different?

Indoor soccer balls vary from standard outdoor balls in size, weight, surface, and bounce. Outdoor balls are bigger at size 5 with a 27-28 inch circumference. Indoor balls are size 4 and 25-26 inches around.

Feature Indoor Soccer Ball Futsal Ball
  • Outdoor is size 5, 27-28 in circumference
  • Indoor is size 4, 25-26 in circumference
  • Outdoor is 14-16 oz
  • Indoor is 12-13 oz
12-13 oz
  • Outdoor bounces higher on grass
  • Indoor has low bounce on hard courts
Extremely low
  • Outdoor has leather, rubber, polyurethane
  • Indoor has grippy, soft-touch feel
Smooth leather or synthetic
FIFA Approved No Yes

This smaller dimension helps with control in tight spaces. Outdoor balls weigh 14-16 ounces versus 12-13 ounces for indoor ones, enabling more accurate indoor passing and shooting. Outdoor ball surfaces use leather, rubber, or polyurethane.

Indoor balls have softer, grippy covers for better control on hard courts. Outdoor balls bounce higher on grass while indoor balls have a low bounce on hard surfaces. This low bounce leads to a faster pace during indoor play.

By optimizing size, weight, cover, and bounce, indoor soccer balls are engineered to maximize control and feel on the hard court surfaces common in arena and futsal soccer.

Indoor Soccer vs. Futsal Balls

Futsal is a standardized version of indoor soccer approved by FIFA. Futsal or indoor soccer balls are designed specifically for official competitions.

Indoor soccer balls are smaller and lighter than outdoor balls. This helps control the ball better indoors. Outdoor balls are size 5 and weigh 14-16 ounces. Indoor balls are size 4 and weigh 12-13 ounces.

Feature Indoor Soccer Ball Futsal Ball
Size 4 4
Weight 12-13 oz 12-13 oz
Bounce Low Extremely low
Surface Varied textures Smooth leather or synthetic
FIFA Approved No Yes

Outdoor balls bounce higher on grass. Indoor balls bounce less on hard courts because you need the ball to be easily controlled and make the game of soccer indoors faster. Indoor balls have softer, grippy covers for control on hard surfaces.

Only futsal balls are approved for official games. Other indoor balls work for training and in recreational games or unofficial games. The right indoor ball improves passing, shooting, and dribbling due to ultimate control in arena and indoor soccer.

Indoor soccer players should choose a ball made for playing indoors in an arena. The extremely low bounce of indoor soccer balls makes the balls more controllable due to their making. For casual indoor soccer, regular indoor balls offer better versatility and control.

Choosing the Right Indoor Soccer Ball

Indoor soccer balls come in a variety of materials like leather, synthetic leather, rubber, and feel. Leather provides a naturally excellent touch and feel but requires more maintenance. Synthetic leather is more durable with less maintenance and is also cheap.

Lightweight balls are best for younger players under 8oz, while regulation weight balls around 12-13oz work for adults.

Here are key factors to consider when selecting an indoor soccer ball:

Indoor Soccer Ball Features
Material Surface Texture Weight Brand Price
Excellent feel, but more maintenance
Fast, direct play
For younger players
Top brands offer quality and consistency. Check FIFA certifications. $25-$100.
Futsal match balls cost more.
Durable, and less maintenance
More control, slower pace
For adults
Affordable, and less responsive
Aerodynamic compromise
Unpredictable, for futsal training

When choosing an indoor soccer ball brand, look for top names like Nike, Adidas, Select, and Mitre that offer consistent quality. Be sure to check for FIFA certifications if buying a futsal ball for competition.

Rubber is an affordable option but lacks responsiveness. Felt balls are unpredictable and used for futsal training. For surface texture, smooth balls play fast while textured balls allow more control. Dimpled balls offer balance and good control.

Futsal match balls approved for competitive leagues may cost more. Prioritize the ball’s material and texture based on your preferences.

Along with the right indoor soccer ball, having proper footwear like the top indoor soccer cleats is important. Indoor shoes have a gum rubber flat sole for optimal grip on hard court surfaces.

The uppers are made of smooth leather or suede that molds to your feet. Breathable mesh panels add ventilation. Look for light, flexible indoor soccer shoes with cushioning and arch support.

Understanding indoor soccer positions like goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and striker can help you play your role better. Goalies protect the net and distribute the ball. Defenders prevent opponent shots and clear the ball. Midfielders transition play from defense to offense. Strikers or forwards score goals. Having proper skills for your position makes indoor soccer more fun.

Practicing key indoor soccer drills develops skills like quick passing, shooting accuracy, footwork, and ball control in tight spaces. Drills like rapid one-touch passing, dribbling through cones, shooting at close range, and defending quick attackers help elevate your indoor skills. Taking coaching and practicing regularly with the right indoor ball enhances your gameplay.

Indoor Soccer Ball Care and Maintenance

Properly caring for indoor soccer balls will maximize their lifespan. Be sure to fully inflate balls for optimal bounce and durability. Avoid using indoor balls outdoors on abrasive turf or concrete, which can quickly degrade the surface of the ball.

Rotate between multiple indoor balls for even usage rather than using one ball constantly. Gently clean the balls with warm water and mild detergent if needed. Store balls deflated and loosely to maintain shape, away from direct sunlight which can fade the colors.

Indoor Ball Care Tips
Inflate fully for best bounce and durability
Avoid outdoor use on abrasive surfaces
Rotate frequently between multiple balls
Clean gently with warm water and mild detergent
Store properly deflated and loose, away from sunlight
Inspect regularly for damage and re-inflate
Replace annually for ideal performance

Regularly inspect for damage like scuff marks or leaks and re-inflate as required. With proper maintenance, a quality indoor soccer ball should typically last 1-2 years before needing replacement.

Make a habit of writing the purchase date on your balls for reference.

The right indoor soccer shoes are key for optimal grip and control during play. There are shoes made specifically for the indoor court versus turf or outdoor models. Indoor shoes have flat gum rubber outsoles to grip the hard court surfaces common in arena soccer or futsal.

The uppers are smooth leather or suede that mold to your feet, with mesh panels for breathability. Indoor soccer has key rules around boundaries, fouls, and penalties that differ from outdoor play.

Understanding the unique indoor soccer rules like 5-on-5 smaller rosters can help you excel. With proper indoor soccer gear like shoes designed for the indoor court’s surface and knowledge of indoor soccer rules, you’ll dominate this fast-paced version of the game often called arena soccer or indoor soccer.

Key Takeaways on Indoor Soccer Balls
Made for futsal/indoor soccer with smaller size, lower weight, grippy surface, and low bounce for better control and faster gameplay on hard courts.
Choosing the right material, texture, and brand improves touches, shots, and overall performance.
Top quality balls like the Select Numero 10 offer consistency for indoor play.
Proper maintenance with inflation, cleaning, and storage extends lifespan of indoor balls.
The right indoor ball enhances skills and enjoyment of fast-paced futsal and arena soccer.

Conclusion of Indoor Soccer Balls

Choosing the right indoor soccer ball isn’t just about technical details – it’s about unlocking a vibrant world of community and personal growth. As you lace up your shoes and hit the court, remember, that the beautiful game extends far beyond the final score.

Indoor soccer leagues, like those found in prominent arenas like the Baltimore Arena or the Tacoma Dome, offer more than just competitive matches. They foster camaraderie, build friendships, and provide a healthy outlet for players of all ages and skill levels.

Imagine the joy of connecting passes with teammates, the thrill of scoring under the cheers of the crowd, and the satisfaction of watching your skills blossom under the guidance of experienced coaches.

So, go beyond the perfect ball and embrace the spirit of indoor soccer. Join a local league, gather your team, and experience the beautiful game like never before. With every pass, every goal, and every shared victory, you’ll discover the true magic of indoor soccer – a passion that burns bright long after the final whistle blows.

FAQs of Indoor Soccer Balls

Indoor balls are size 4 with a circumference of 25-26 inches, smaller than the standard size 5 outdoor ball’s 27-28 inch circumference. The compact size improves control in tight indoor spaces.

Indoor balls weigh between 12-13 ounces, lighter than the 14-16 ounce outdoor ball weight. The reduced weight enhances shooting and passing accuracy indoors

The low-bounce profile of indoor balls matches the hard court surfaces commonly used in arena soccer and futsal venues. Less bounce leads to a faster pace of indoor gameplay.

Leather and synthetic leather provide an excellent touch on hard surfaces. Felt adds unpredictability for training. Rubber is affordable but less responsive.

Top match-level indoor balls range from $50-$100. Official futsal balls approved for competitive leagues can cost over $100.

With proper inflation, cleaning, storage, and rotation, quality indoor balls will typically last 1-2 years before needing replacement.

You can use outdoor balls, indoor-specific balls will handle, grip, and move better on hard court surfaces.

FIFA-approved futsal balls have an extremely low bounce for official competitive matches. Regular indoor balls offer more versatility.