Best Futsal Players of All Time -Top 12 Futsal Legends

Best Futsal player

Best futsal players are discussed which is a fast-paced game with a rigorous work rate required to keep up the game. It’s played on a small court which is flat, shiny hard, and can be wooden but the game is full entertainment.

It’s a variation of soccer and their difference and is played with a little bit of heavy ball and smaller too. The game needs skills and agility on the court. Confidence on the court is the key to being good at controlling and dribbling the ball past defenders.

It’s a competitive sport with commitment if you are planning to start this game. There are some notable players of the game which I’ve researched and then combined the information to know about these legends of the game.

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Their contribution to the sport is matchless that’s the reason they need to be highlighted because they’ve set the bar high for the upcoming generation’s best players of futsal. Their sheer hard work, dedication, and focus are the key to their success.

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1. Falcão – Best Futsal Player in the World (Brazil)

Falcão  (Brazil)
Falcão  (Brazil)
Date of Birth8 June 1977
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Santos FC Futsal
São Paulo FC
CR Vasco da Gama
PositionWinger (Ala)
Info about Falcão
Skills of Falcao
Quick thinking (Instant decision-making)
Creative playmaking
Exceptional leadership skills
Incredible vision
Master of ball control
Entertainer (Make defender dance to his music)
Skills of Falcao

Futsal Shoes Worn by Futsal Legend

The top futsal player used these indoor soccer shoes for much of his career and also continuing with that up till now as they’re the latest used by him. Further detail is given in this detailed article about him.

Falcao12 Futsal Shoes

Falcao Futsal Shoes
Falcao’s Futsal Shoes
  • Pros Choice
  • Top choice for Shooting and Dribbling
  • Top Control due to leather upper
  • Very Comfortable and Flexible
  • Fit as Glove

Trophies and Awards of Falcao
With clubs
Liga Nacional de Futsal (9 times)
Brazilian Club Cup (3 times)
São Paulo City Cup (3 times)
Paulista Championship (6 times)
Metropolitan Championship (5 times)
With national team 
Grand Prix de Futsal (10 times)
ODESUR Games (2 times)
FIFA Futsal World Cup (2 times)
Individual awards
Best futsal player in the world (4 times)
FIFA Futsal World Cup Golden Shoe (Once)
FIFA Futsal World Cup Golden Ball (2 times)
The FIFA award for an outstanding career in 2016
Trophies and Awards of Falcao

Brazilians are born to rule the game of Soccer, Indoor Soccer, and Futsal because it’s in their genes and nobody can take this from them. Alessandro Rosa Viera AKA Falcao, A Brazilian Futsal legend is the Greatest of all time (GOAT of Futsal).

The left-footed player with immense control of the ball, A flawless dribbler with speed and accuracy his core principles of the game. On top, he is the most reliable player in futsal history. He can turn the game in a blink of an eye.

Scoring goals for him has never been an issue. He would rather be preferring to entertain the audience with his dribbling. This Brazilian has something unique, he’s calm with a very versatile play-making style.

YouTube video
Street won’t forget Falcao

He was named for various individual awards and led his team to win different futsal tournaments. Individually he has been declared FIFA Futsal World Player of the Year many times.

  He has won the Futsal World Cup 2 times (2008, and 2012) with multiple individual and team trophies. He has popularized the game due to his captivating skills. Played in numerous leagues with different clubs and won league titles with his clubs too.

The quick things with creative passing and dribbling made it easy for his teammates and constant trouble for his opponents. His leadership quality is the best. The calmness he brings on the pitch is outrageous. In short, he’s immensely talented. He has achieved this by following a strict routine of indoor soccer drills even though he used to train himself alone when his teammates would take a rest he was there on the court.

2. Ricardinho Legend of Futsal (Portugal)

Ricardinho (Portugal)
Ricardinho (Portugal)
Date of Birth3 September 1985 (Valbom, Portugal)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Inter Movistar
Pendekar United FC
PositionWinger (Ala)
Info about Ricardinho
Skills of Ricardinho
Precise ball control
Explosive shooting
Best in twisting and turning the ball on the court
Ankle twisters dribble and body feints
Creative with the ball
Leadership even when the team is down
Skills of Ricardinho

Futsal Shoes Worn by Ricardinho

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Ricardinho10 Futsal Shoes

Ricardinho10 Futsal Shoes
Ricardinho’s Futsal Shoes
  • Pros Choice
  • Top choice for Shooting and Dribbling
  • Accurate control and Lightweight
  • Breathable and FLexible
  • Fit as Glove
Trophies and Awards of Ricardinho
With Clubs
Liga Portuguesa (5 times)
UEFA Futsal Cup (3 times)
Primera División (6 times)
Championnat de France de Futsal (Once)
With national team 
FIFA Futsal World Cup in 2021 (Once)
Individual awards
Best Player of the World (6 times)
UEFA Futsal Championship Best Player (2 times)
UEFA Futsal Championship Top Scorer (2 times)
FIFA Futsal World Cup Best Player 
FIFA Futsal World Cup Golden Shoe
FIFA Futsal World Cup Bronze Ball
The Guinness world record for the fastest goal in professional futsal history
Trophies and Awards of Ricardinho

Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga AKA Ricardinho is a little Portuguese magician and the best player of futsal in Europe having unbelievable dribbling skills with speed, agility, and ultimate control. Ricradinho is called “Maradona of Futsal” because he is so eye-catching while the ball is under his feet.

From a very young age, he started developing a passion for the game. Very early he was recognized by the giants of the game like Pyoto and Benfica. Later in 2013, he was signed by Inter Movistar, a Spanish futsal club.

He’s known for his incredible ball control and shooting from short ranges. His short height makes him firmer on the ground with the best twists and turns effortlessly. He makes defenders dance and dribble past them.

He has played for some top clubs like FC Benfica and Inter Movistar. He has also won domestic and international titles like UEFA Futsal Cup. Due to their quick reflexes, he’s a phenomenon on the court and opponents are often unable to stop him legally.

The creativity he brings is unmatchable on the court. His passing is just out of the box and makes it easy for his team to score. Ricardhinho’s control of the ball is something unreal the ball gets stuck to his feet. Ricardinho was also sponsored by a multinational company Nike which is the top brand of soccer shoes.

YouTube video
Ricardinho dribbling show

He’s also considered one of the greatest of the game after Falcao. He won many individual titles like the FIFA Futsal World Cup Golden Ball many times. He was good at keenly observing his opponents and unleashing his skills before they would even think of them.

One of his unique records is that he scored the fastest goal in professional futsal history in 2.5 seconds in 2012 which is a Guinness world record, an example of ultimate brilliance with godspeed. He’s a true inspiration for generations to come.

These skills make him stand out from other top players. He knew what and how to make a team one unit and make them fight for the legacy. He was a natural motivator alongside playing incredibly.

He was without a doubt a complete player with awesome skills. In short, he was a treat to watch because of his on and off-the-ball skills and movements. He was an entertainer.

3. Kike Top Futsal Player of Spain

Kike (Spain)
Kike (Spain)
Date of Birth4 May 1978 (Valencia, Spain)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)CLM Talavera
Valencia Vijusa
ElPoza Murcia
PositionDefender (Fixo)
Info about Kike
Skills of Kike
Complete defender
Scoring bangers from long range
Playmaking beyond the reach of the opponents 
Ball control and vision were unbelievable 
Unexpected moves and tricks to beat the player
Quick acceleration
Skills of Kike
Trophies and Awards of Kike
With clubs
UEFA Futsal Championship (5 times)
Spanish Futsal Leagues (4 times)
Spanish Cups (3 times)
Spanish Supercups (3 times)
With national team 
World Cup (2 times)
Individual awards
Futsal Player of the Year
World Cup Silver Ball 
LNFS MVP (2 times)
LNFS best Defender (4 times)
Trophies and Awards of Kike

Enrique Bonde Guilliot AKA Kike is a outclass Spanish defender with incredible speed, ball control, physicality, and goal-scoring ability. Won multiple Players of the Year awards in Spain helped his team achieve new heights in the game and won many titles.

He’s considered the best Spanish futsal player with multiple individual awards in his pocket. He was very good at shooting the ball with power. Over time he has played for some top clubs in Spain and Europe and helped them win titles.

In the youth ranks he played for FC Barcelona and rose to be the key player in the team. His dribbling skills and quick acceleration with scoring ability made him a constant threat to the opposition. He spends the majority of his time at FC Barcelona.

His vision was beyond the reach of other players and made him a playmaker. He won numerous awards and titles including the UEFA Futsal Cup and Spanish Futsal Championship. He always makes his team comfortable while playing at the back.

Kike was good at unconventional moves and would beat the defender from where it wasn’t expected which made him a crowd favorite. He was a treat to watch when he would apply last-ditch challenges and deny obvious goals of opposition.

His iconic celebrations, whenever he scores he uses to celebrate it with back flips and acrobatics. He was always a crowd favorite due to his attitude. His long-range goals have earned him the nickname ” El Canonero” or “The Cannon”. These shoots were almost impossible to stop.

He was very competitive on the field and the ultimate sportsman. He has respected his opponents which makes him a true ambassador of this beautiful game of futsal. If he is left alone to defend at the back like in the “Y” futsal formation. I believe he can manage it in the best possible way.

4. Manoel Tobias Best Brazilian after Falcao

Manoel Tobias (Brazil)
Manoel Tobias (Brazil)
Date of Birth7 April 1971 (Salgueiro, Brazil)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Cartagena
SC Ulbra
Vasco da Gama
PositionDefender (Fixo)
Info about Manoel Tobias
Skills of Manoel Tobias
The complete wall on defense
Fantastic ball control
Converting opposition attacks into opportunities for scoring goals for his team
Manuever past defenders
Vision leading to accurate passing on the court
Explosive shooting from the back
Excellent dribbler
Skills of Manoel Tobias
Trophies and Awards of Manoel Tobias
With clubs
Brazilian Championship (4 times)
South American Club Futsal Championship
Intercontinental Futsal Cup (2 times)
Liga Futsal (3 times) 
Copa Rio/São Paulo/Minas (2 times)
With national team 
Pan American Cup: Champion
South American Qualificacion (3 times)
Mundialito: Champion (5 times)
Rio de Janeiro Cup (2 times)
FIFA Futsal World Cup (2 times)
Odesur Games
Individual awards
Best Player of the World
Best Player on the FIFA Futsal World Cup
Topscorers Fifa Futsal World Cup
FIFA Futsal World Cup goals (43 goals in 4 editions)
Trophies and Awards of Manoel Tobias

Manoel Tobias is a futsal from the land of skills of football and is the best defender in professional futsal. He is Brazilian so one can imagine the skill and technique he naturally possesses. He is also good at dribbling and controlling the ball with ease.

He has a thorough command of futsal due to his skill and experience. He has always been a key player for any team he has played for whether it’s on the club level or the national team. He has helped his teams with multiple trophies.

His ball handling and quick reflexes have always been on top and he has several titles due to his unmatching confidence and running the show single-handedly from the defense. He was agile and good at creating space without opponents tracking.

Due to these unmatching skills, he has played for some top clubs in Brazil and across Europe. Scoring goals has always been his hobby which made him a valuable asset for any team. His instant sprints were apart from other players.

His ball handling was unique due to his versatility he was a constant threat to the opposition. His best thing was he would sniff the moves of the opposition disrupt their attack within no time and convert it into an opportunity for his team.

He was a wall at the back with point passion and accuracy and sometimes dribbled past the entire defense and scored for his team that’s the reason he was loved by the fans. 

5. Daniel Ibañes Caetano (Spain)

Daniel Ibañes Caetano (Brazil)
Daniel Ibañes Caetano (Brazil)
Date of Birth6 July 1976 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Inter Movistar
Caja Segovia
PositionWinger (Ala)
Info about Daniel Ibañes Caetano
Skills of Daniel Ibañes Caetano
Instant sprints with agility 
Accurate and sharp shooting
Tearing defense with his intellectual passes
Innovative dribbler 
Master of close control
Skills of Daniel Ibañes Caetano
Trophies and Awards of Daniel Ibañes Caetano
With clubs
UEFA Futsal Cups 3 times
Intercontinental Cups (5 times)
Intercontinental Cups (5 times)
Recopa of Europe
Supercups of Spain  (8 times)
With national team 
Runnerup world futsal cup 2008
European Championships (4 times)
Individual awards
UEFA Futsal Cup Best Player
UEFA Futsal Cup top scorer
Voted Best Player of the Third World
Voted best right-wing LNFS (2 times)
Chosen Best Player of the LNFS
Trophies and Awards of Daniel Ibañes Caetano

Brazilian-born but played for Spain with the abilities of the best player like incredible ball control, speed, and ability to score from long range. He won a notable amount of awards and titles with the national team as well as with his clubs and always played an important role in leading teams toward wins.

He has also played at some top clubs like Inter Movistar and performed best for his teams and led them to victory. He also played first in Brazil with top clubs later he moved to Europe and made a name for himself.

He has also won many individual awards from the UEFA Futsal Cup Best Player and Top Scorer. He was unimaginable on the court with unexpected skills and defenders were unable to stop him legally. These skills made him a crowd favorite and they would cheer his every move.

His speed and agility were out of the box with explosive shooting making it difficult for the keeper to save the ball. He was also a speedy dribbler with creative passing, cutting defenses, and making goal-scoring opportunities.

He was also called a free-kick specialist with pinpoint accuracy and surety of goal. He was a master of a wide range of skills which made him a deadly combo against any team he was going to face because he was at his best.

All in all his career was very complete with the trophies he has won and he had always been the star of his team whether the team was winning or losing they were relying upon him.

6. Javier Rodríguez Nebreda (Spain)

Javier Rodríguez Nebreda (Spain)
Javier Rodríguez Nebreda (Spain)
Date of Birth26 March 1974 (Barcelona, Spain)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Baku United
Kuwait Club
Playas de Castellon
PositionWinger (Ala)
Info about Javier Rodríguez Nebreda
Skills of Javier Rodríguez Nebreda
Quick reflexes
Best control
Best body feints dropping shoulders
Ability to create scoring opportunities for his team
Brilliance on the court
Technically gifted
Skills of Javier Rodríguez Nebreda
Trophies and Awards of Javier Rodríguez Nebreda
With clubs
1 Supercopa de España 
2 Copa del Rey 
1 Spanish Cup
3 UEFA Futsal Cups
4 UEFA Futsal Championship
With national team 
2 FIFA Futsal World Cup
1 runner FIFA Futsal World Cup
Individual awards
2 FIFA Futsal World Cup
1 runner FIFA Futsal World Cup
Trophies and Awards of Javier Rodríguez Nebreda

Javi Rodriguez is a Spanish player with ultimate skills in futsal. From his youth, he was an unstoppable indoor soccer player with amazing technique and skills on the court. He was born a leader on the futsal pitch with many fans.

He established himself as a fan favorite due to his unbelievable dribbling and ball control. He was a treat to watch. He rose to the ranks of the senior team very early because of his immense level of skill. 

The Public often sees the output, but what he has done in the past was that besides being passionate about the sport he disciplined himself. This discipline has made him the star of the fan’s eyes.

He played as a winger for his national team and clubs and from that position he helped his team achieve great heights, and win trophies and medals. He was very mature and had the vision to run the shoe according to him.

He has many domestic and int’l titles with many individual awards like FIFA Futsal World Cup, and UEFA Futsal Championship, and medals due to his sheer dedication and love for the game. Due to his exceptional performance, he helped increase his team’s FIFA Futsal Rankings.

Technically gifted skill with an engine in his body and would never get tired of putting in the challenger and winning the ball back for his team by making goal-scoring opportunities. In short, he was just flawless.

7. Neto (Samba Futsal Player)

Neto (Brazil)
Neto (Brazil)
Date of Birth5 September 1981 (Uberlandia, Brazil)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Inter Movistar
Kairat Almaty
Gazprom UGRA
PositionDefender (Fixo)
Info about Neto
Skills of Neto
Quick thinking
Explosive shooting
Exceptional dribbling
Creative passes leading to goal-scoring opportunities
Skills of Neto
Trophies and Awards of Neto
World Cup Gold Ball 
Best Fixed Futsal League 
FIFA Futsal World Cup
Copa America de Futsal
Best Player Copa America de Futsal
Trophies and Awards of Neto

Dovenir Domingues Neto AKA Neto Brazillian defender has a decorated career having speed agility and shooting ability to its best. He had won many individual and team titles internationally and also in club futsal.

He has represented Brazil in many international competitions and is known for exceptional dribbling skills, quick reflexes, and scoring from long range. He has also won the FIFA Futsal World Cup and is also regarded as one of the best Futsal players in the world.

He has also won many domestic league titles in Brazil and represented Brazil in international competitions. He was very creative with the ball, fond of dribbling, and made defenders dance. He was good at creating spaces and widening the pitch. 

He was a very successful player having many titles and ultimate skills in his pocket made him a fan favorite due to his attitude toward the game Neto makes himself and his teammates very comfortable on the pitch.

8. Sergio Lozano Martínez (Spain)

Sergio Lozano Martínez (Spain)
Sergio Lozano Martínez (Spain)
Date of Birth9 November 1988 (Madrid, Spain)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Barcelona 
Caja Segovia 
Las Rozas
Position(Winger) Ala 
Info about Sergio Lozano Martínez
Skills of Sergio Lozano Martínez
Good at offense as well as defense 
His understanding of the game brings calmness to the court
Speedy moves
Put in brave tackles
Ball control
Precise passing
Skills of Sergio Lozano Martínez
Trophies and Awards of Sergio Lozano Martínez
6 Copa del Rey (6 times)
5 Spanish Futsal League (5 times)
5 Copa de España (5 times)
4 UEFA Futsal Cup (4 times)
Euro (Once) 
Trophies and Awards of Sergio Lozano Martínez

His teammates used to call him Sergio, who was a professional futsal player who represented Spain in various international tournaments and also played for several top-tier clubs in Europe and specifically in Spain.

He has won several domestic, int’l titles and individual awards with accolades of best performances on the futsal court. He was a true inspiration and ambassador for this beautiful sport.

Sergio has exceptional ball control and precise passing and maneuvers the ball like no other. Defenders were made to look stupid due to his creative skills. These skills led his team towards success in many ways he was the key player.

He started his career in his youth days he had tasted professional futsal with top clubs in Spain and emerged as a giant across Europe. He was a master of ball control so smoothly that fans usually were in awe of his skill.

Despite being an attacking player he was also good at defending and could intercept the opposition’s attacks with the best timing and convert that opportunity for his team to score a goal. 

He was good at the offensive as well as the defensive side of the game. He had always been a valuable player in his team and contributed towards the success of his team with trophies and medals. He often scored for his team whenever they needed him the most.

9. Leo Higuita (Columbia)(Top Futsal Keeper)

Leo Higuita (Columbia)
Leo Higuita (Columbia)
Date of Birth6 June 1986 (Rio Di Janeiro)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)AFC Kairat
MFC Tulpar
Vasco da Gama
PositionGoal Keeper
Info about Leo Higuita
Skills of Leo Higuita
Able to take risks for his team
Amazing dribbler
Work ethic
Positive attitude
Leader at the back
Accurate shoots
Finishing in tight spaces
Skills of Leo Higuita
Trophies and Awards of Leo Higuita
UEFA Futsal Champions League (2 times)
Trophies and Awards of Leo Higuita

A Columbian futsal star is known for fearless dribbling who’s willing to take risks for his teammates and provide impressive plays one can imagine from a player like him. From his youth, he was one of the best on the team.

Leo Higuita was a household name in Columbia due to the unmatching skills that he was able to produce on the court. He was a player with exceptional finishing skills and an impressive track record that made him significant.

He has represented Columbia in various tournaments and earned a place for his country in Futsal. He was never afraid to take risks that’s why he was called a fearless playmaker who would take risks and bold steps to win the game.

His goal-scoring ability was exceptional. This impressive scoring record earned him the role of a key player in his team and they would often rely on him to take the team towards a win by scoring through buildup play.

He had an inspiring personality that was reflected on the court. He had an aura that would keep his team working hard and fans were also behind his back. I cheered for him due to his determination, positive attitude, and work ethic and he was treated as a role model by young players.

10. Schumacher (Brazil)

Schumacher (Brazil)
Schumacher (Brazil)
Date of Birth31 August 1975 (SaU Paolo, Brazil)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Corinthians 
Inter Movistar
Vasco da Gama
PositionDefender (Fixo)
Info about Schumacher
Skills of Schumacher
Explosive shooting
Good in the air
Awesome ball control
Rough and tough player
Turn himself 180 degrees within the blink of an eye
Born leader
Skills of Schumacher
Trophies and Awards of Schumacher
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2008
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2000
Trophies and Awards of Schumacher

Flávio Sérgio Viana AKA Schumacher is a Brazilian defender who was very creative at the back with a goal-scoring track record because of the accurate shooting on the goalpost that was almost impossible to stop.

He was very creative in exploiting the spaces that the opposition would leave because he was a good reader of the game and he knew how to make his team fight for the best. This doesn’t come until you aren’t a leader.

To be a leader you have to sacrifice and do your best for your team to inspire your teammates and youth then you become an icon who’s being praised and followed. He had the charisma of being the best on the team.

He was capable of making a team one unit and then acting upon the plan given by the coach. He was a master dribbler filled with confidence that’s the reason he was the favorite of everyone including opposite fans in the arena because of his humble attitude.

His ball control was just flawless with speed and agility he was almost impossible to stop.

With all these skills he was an excellent passer at the back and would make the goal as easy as a piece of cake for his teammates. They would just apply the finishing touch. His ability to change direction 180 degrees within the blink of an eye was exceptional.

He was a natural athlete with a very flexible body that would easily make him twist and turn the opponents. Combination of all these skills he was a constant threat that wasn’t contained by the opposition.

11. Bruno Coelho (Portugal)

Bruno Coelho (Portugal)
Bruno Coelho (Portugal)
Date of Birth1 August 1987 (Sintra, Portugal)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)FF Napoli
Benfica FC
PositionWinger (Ala)
Info about Bruno Coelho
Skills of Bruno Coelho
Explosive shooting skills 
Capable of scoring from any angle
Physically strong
Emphatically balanced
A very versatile player with the best ball control
Motivating his team
Skills of Bruno Coelho
Trophies and Awards of Bruno Coelho
Champions of France (Championnat de France de Futsal 2021-2022)
UEFA Futsal Championship
World Futsal Worldcup 2021
Trophies and Awards of Bruno Coelho

Bruno has established himself as one of the finest his nation has produced through Ricardinho and has been now praised. The Portuguese had played numerous big names in Europe.

He has also been an influential player in his team who’s a threat to the opposition and has represented Portugal in many international futsal tournaments with a significant amount of skills on the court.

He’s known for his exceptional ball control and for keeping possession for his team. He’s good at disguising opponents and playing inch-perfect balls to score against his opponents. Most of these players have also played indoor soccer on turf, in indoor soccer shoes for turf, not the old ones but the new ones.

He’s always a threat to any team he’s playing against due to the trickery he was good at. He was good at shooting specific balls for futsal and recommended size from any angle and scoring long-range goals. He’s a technically gifted winger.

With all this, he has an exceptional fan-favorite attitude and leader on the court. He can make his team a single brain and work according to the plan. Fans always go crazy about his long-range bangers.

12. Fernando Cardinal (Portugal)

Fernando Cardinal (Portugal)
Fernando Cardinal (Portugal)
Date of Birth26 June 1985 (Porto, Portugal)
Teams he Played for (Clubs)Sporting FC
ElPoza Murcia FC
Inter FS
PositionStriker (Pivot) 
Info about Fernando Cardinal
Skills of Fernando Cardinal
His ball control was excellent
Amazing leadership skills
Unwavering support to his teammates
Fan favorite due to his sportsmanship and the bangers he use to score so often
Keep on motivating his team to fight 
Skills of Fernando Cardinal
Trophies and Awards of Fernando Cardinal
He with his team has made Brazil champions of Futsal the biggest futsal player can achieve, other than that he also won many titles in Brazil and also in Europe.
Trophies and Awards of Fernando Cardinal

He is from the hub of futsal and football and a retired player of the Portuguese squad with the best attributes of a player in a congested area showing his inborn skills on a futsal court.

Due to his unique dribbling skills, he made a place for himself in the team and caught the attention of giants of the game like clubs ruling Europe (Sporting FC). He made himself a name due to his above-the-fold talent. 

In his career, he has played for some big names with exceptional skills on the field and played a key role in their journey toward success. He was very versatile with the best ball control.

He was good at scoring bangers from any possible angle and he’s proved this with numerous goals scored by him. Besides this, he was famous among the fans and they used to praise him for his talent.

He’s the leading player of the team with the qualities of a leader who can make his team fight the battle and turn results suitable for them. These leadership qualities on the court made him exceptional with the skills he already possessed.

After a lot of research, I have collected and compiled it for you guys. For me, the best is Alessandro Rosa Viera AKA Falcao and I hope you’ll agree to it. If you still want any additions you can let me know and I will be happy to update it more.

Thank you.

Top 5 Futsal Teams
Brazil – 5 times World Futsal Champions
Spain – 2 Times World Futsal Champions
Argentina – 1 time World Futsal Champion
Portugal – 1 time World Futsal Champion
Italy – 2 time UEFA Futsal Champions

FAQs about Best Futsal Players

Without a second thought, The Brazilian Falcao is the greatest player of the game up till now because his unmatching skills and achievements make him the most outstanding player, and after him, Portuguese Ricardinho is the best. These both are the greatest of the game.

One name that’s more than consistent in Brazil whether, in Football or Futsal, they’ve managed to have complete dominance in both. Brazil has become FIFA Futsal World Cup Champions 5 times.

To be the best indoor soccer or futsal you must possess the best ball control with fierce dribbling and explosive shooting skills. You must be very punctual doing indoor soccer drills daily to stay in touch with the game and be confident on the ball.

The quality of some top futsal players is that they’re good at making futsal positions and exploiting the opposition with countermoves. Keeping possession is their main skill to control the flow of the game. Fast thinking is the need for top indoor soccer and futsal players in tight spaces.

FC Barcelona’s top player of all time and their leading goal scorer has spent time playing futsal and indoor soccer and due to playing in compact spaces he’s very efficient in tight spaces and leaves his opponents stunned.

He’s worked towards the development of futsal as he belongs to the South American region where futsal is a popular sport. He had played futsal in the streets of Argentina and it made him what he’s now.

Brazil the best so far has dominated futsal with fine margins. They have been the FIFA Futsal World Cup Champions 5 times now and are the most successful teams in futsal and football.