Top 10 Indoor Soccer Leagues in United States

Indoor Soccer Leagues

Indoor soccer leagues are taking the US by storm!

Imagine the electrifying pace and dazzling skills of futsal unleashed on polished courts like the Baltimore Arena or the Tacoma Dome.

These leagues, often under the banner of the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) or the National Indoor Soccer League (NISL), offer something for everyone – from weekend warriors in local recreational leagues to seasoned veterans and aspiring pros chasing semi-pro dreams.

It’s more than just fancy venues and big names, though. Indoor soccer demands lightning-fast reactions, pinpoint accuracy, and an almost telepathic understanding between teammates on the smaller court.

Think blazing speed, dazzling footwork, and goals that would leave Messi speechless. It’s a game where quick thinking, creative plays, and tactical finesse reign supreme.

Ready to trade grass stains for a futsal frenzy?

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the diverse league options, unveil the registration process, and share tips for finding the perfect competition for your team. From local leagues to aspiring semi-pro circuits, the world of indoor soccer is waiting to be explored.

So, ditch the sidelines, lace up your shoes, and get ready to experience the beautiful game like never before!tunesharemore_vertadd_photo_alternate

List of Top Indoor Soccer Leagues

1. Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)
2. National Indoor Soccer League (NISL)
3. US Indoor Sports Association
4. Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS)
5. Premiere Arena Soccer League (PASL)
6. US Youth Soccer
7. American Indoor Soccer League (AISL)
8. United States Adult Soccer Association
9. Continental Indoor Soccer League (CISL)
10. North American Soccer League (NASL)

Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)

The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) showcases an electrifying brand of indoor soccer played on artificial turf in arenas across North America. With its non-stop action, high-flying acrobatics, and intense rivalries, the MASL has cultivated a dedicated fanbase drawn to the fast-paced indoor game.

The fast-paced, high-flying action of the Major Arena Soccer League is perfectly suited for the indoor soccer shoes for top players. With games played on artificial turf in arenas, having proper footwear is crucial for traction and performance.

Indoor shoes feature a flat rubber outsole to grip the turf and allow quick turns and instant changes of direction. The upper is made of synthetic leather or mesh to provide a lightweight, flexible fit that promotes agility, ball control, and ultimate breathability.

Players rely on the responsive feel of indoor shoes to execute the types of dynamic moves MASL fans have come to love – diving headers, acrobatic volleys, tricky dribbling, and precise passing in tight spaces.

Fast Facts About MASL Soccer
Formed in: 2014
Number of teams: 14 across North America
Notable teams: San Diego Sockers, Baltimore Blast, Milwaukee Wave
Player salaries: $15,000 to $250,000
Games per season: 20+
Season format: Regular season and playoffs
Games played: Nov – March
Key footwear: Indoor soccer shoes

Defenders need them to smother attacking runs and slide tackles. Goalkeepers depend on indoor boots as they dive and leap across the small-sided goals.

With most games played during the winter months, having a quality indoor shoe ensures players keep their footing during this exciting brand of indoor soccer. As the MASL continues growing, so does the market for specialized footwear to support the needs of competitive arena soccer players.

For both pros and amateurs, a proper indoor shoe gives wearers the edge they need to play their best and reduce injury risk. Indoor soccer shoes allow athletes to fully showcase their skills on the unique turf surfaces where the world’s top level of arena soccer thrives.

The MASL traces its roots back to the original 2008 PASL, which formed as an offshoot of the largest amateur league in the U.S., the PASL-Premier. After six seasons as the PASL, the league rebranded as the MASL in 2014 when several teams from the dissolving MISL joined up.

The MASL has seen its share of team movement and divisions over the years. There was a split in 2016 when several key teams attempted to form a new Indoor Professional League, but they ultimately rejoined the MASL after one season.

Today the league features 14 teams across two conferences – Eastern and Western. With recent expansion into Mexico, the MASL aims to grow its Latin American presence in the future.

Several MASL franchises have storied legacies dating back decades. The San Diego Sockers boast a record 16 total championships across various leagues since the 1980s. Other iconic clubs include the Baltimore Blast, Milwaukee Wave, St. Louis Ambush, and Dallas Sidekicks.

Recent newcomers like the Florida Tropics and Chihuahua Savage have quickly made their mark and developed strong fan followings. Rivalries are intense, with the action getting extremely physical between heated division foes.

Players don’t earn the massive salaries of other pro sports, there is decent money to be made in the MASL with salaries ranging from $15,000 to $250,000 for the biggest stars. Large crowds of passionate fans create an electrifying game atmosphere.

With engaged ownership and strategic expansion, the MASL continues to build momentum. The league provides an exciting wintertime complement to MLS and the growing soccer market in North America. The MASL fills an important niche for the hardcore indoor soccer fan.

MASL Teams
MASL Teams
Eastern Teams
St. Louis Ambush
Baltimore Blast
Utica City FC
Kansas City Comets
Harrisburg Heat
Florida Tropic SC
Milwaukee Wave

St. Louis Ambush

The St. Louis Ambush has cemented itself as one of the premier indoor soccer franchises in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL). With over a decade of history in St. Louis, the Ambush has given local fans an exciting brand of high-scoring, fast-paced indoor soccer to cheer for.

Fast Facts: St. Louis Ambush
Founded: 2013
League: Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)
Home Arena: Family Arena in St. Charles, MO
Colors: Orange, white, and blue
Ownership: Shelly Clark
Head Coach: Jeff Locker
Longest-running pro soccer team in St. Louis history
Passionate and loyal fan base since 2013

History and Ownership

  • Founded in 2013 as the second team to bear the Ambush name, after the original franchise that played from 1992 to 2000.
  • Launched by owner Andrew Haines and joined the Major Indoor Soccer League.
  • In 2016, Haines sold the majority stake to current owner Shelly Clark and investors Tony Glavin and Dr. Elizabeth Perez.
  • Glavin and Perez later sold their shares to new investor Jeff Locker in 2019. Locker took over as GM and Head Coach.
  • The Ambush are celebrating their 10th anniversary season in 2022-23, establishing themselves as the longest-running pro soccer team in St. Louis history.

Coaching History

The Ambush has had several coaches guide the team over the years:

  • Daryl Doran (2013-2015)
  • Tony Glavin (2015-2017)
  • Hewerton Moreira (2017-2021)
  • Greg Muhr (2021)
  • Jeff Locker (2021-present)

Home Venue

The Ambush has called Family Arena in St. Charles home since their founding in 2013. The convenient suburban location just west of St. Louis provides easy access for fans.

As the longest-tenured pro team at Family Arena, the Ambush has cultivated a true home-field advantage with their passionate fanbase cheering them on.

The Future

After a decade as one of the anchor tenants of Family Arena, the Ambush has established itself as St. Louis’ premier indoor soccer experience. With a rich history and bright future, the next decade looks just as promising for one of the most enduring soccer franchises in the city.

Baltimore Blast

The Baltimore Blast is one of the most decorated franchises in indoor soccer history. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the Blast has won 10 championships across different leagues since its founding in 1980.

Fast Facts: Baltimore Blast
Founded: 1980 as Baltimore Spirit
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Championships: 10 total, 4 in MASL
Home Arena: SECU Arena
Head Coach: David Bascome
Colors: Fiery red and gold
40+ years of indoor dominance
Legendary team with die-hard fans

Originally known as the Baltimore Spirit, the Blast rebranded to their current name in 1992 when they joined the National Professional Soccer League. They have been a continuous member of the professional indoor leagues ever since, currently playing in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL).

Led by head coach David Bascome, the Blast play their home games at SECU Arena on the campus of Towson University. They previously played at Royal Farms Arena in downtown Baltimore for many years.

The Blast has captured 4 MASL championships over the years, including back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2004. Their most recent championship came in 2017.

With their red and gold team colors and success over 4 decades, the Blast has become one of the most iconic and revered franchises in indoor soccer. Their loyal fanbase provides one of the best home-field advantages in the MASL at SECU Arena as the Blast remains a perennial contender year after year.

Utica City FC

Utica City FC has its origins as the Syracuse Silver Knights, founded in 2011 as an expansion team in the Major Indoor Soccer League. After seven seasons as the Silver Knights, the club relocated and rebranded to Utica City FC in 2018.

Fast Facts: Utica City FC
Founded: 2011 as Syracuse Silver Knights
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Division: Eastern
Stadium: Adirondack Bank Center
Head Coach: Hewerton Moreira
Colors: Orange, white, and blue
Fast-rising club aiming for first title
Hungry fans in soccer-loving Utica

During their time in Syracuse, the Silver Knights made the playoffs three times but never advanced past the conference semifinals. Their relocation to Utica brought new energy to the club.

Now playing home games at the Adirondack Bank Center, Utica City FC has emerged as one of the top teams in the Eastern Division of the Major Arena Soccer League. They have quickly developed rivalries with the Baltimore Blast and Rochester Lancers.

Led by head coach Hewerton Moreira, Utica City FC finished second in the Eastern Division in 2021-22 before falling in the Ron Newman Cup quarterfinals. With an experienced core and renewed ambitions for a championship, the club has a bright future in Utica as they aim to bring the city its first professional sports title.

Kansas City Comets

The Kansas City Comets were founded in 2010, reviving the name of the original Comets dynasty that dominated the MISL from 1981 to 1991. Despite regular season success, the new Comets struggled to repeat their predecessors’ postseason dominance early on.

Fast Facts: Kansas City Comets
Founded: 2010
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Championships: 1 (2014)
Home Arena: Cable Dahmer Arena
Head Coach: Leo Gibson
Colors: Blue, yellow, and red
Historic franchise reborn in 2010
Loyal fans hungry for more titles

After losing in the finals in 2013 under inaugural coach Kim Røntved, the Comets finally broke through with their first championship in 2014. However, the transition to the MASL brought more playoff frustration.

Under current coach Leo Gibson, the Comets have worked to regain their status as an indoor soccer powerhouse. Though the playoffs have remained a stumbling block, Kansas City continues to field competitive teams thanks to a loyal fanbase.

With a renewed push to honor the legacy of the original Comets, the current franchise strives to bring more titles back to a city with a storied indoor soccer history.

Harrisburg Heat 

The Harrisburg Heat was founded in 2012 as an expansion team in the PASL, carrying on the legacy of the original Heat franchise that competed in various indoor leagues from 1987-2003. After two seasons in the smaller Equine Arena, the new Heat moved back to the 7,300-seat New Holland Arena in 2014, the original home of the first Heat team.

Fast Facts: Harrisburg Heat
Founded: 2012
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Championships: None (yet!)
Arena: New Holland Arena
Head Coach: Pat Healey
Colors: Fire red, heat orange, white
Historic name with 4 titles in original run
Passionate fans hungry for a champion

Despite the heritage of the Heat name in Harrisburg, the current franchise has struggled to find consistency on the field. They have qualified for the playoffs only twice in their 10 seasons across the PASL, MASL, and M2 leagues.

However, the fan support and passion for indoor soccer remains strong in Harrisburg. Under coach Pat Healey, the Heat seek to recapture the winning tradition that saw the original Heat capture 4 championships. With continued community backing, the future looks bright for professional indoor soccer to thrive once again in Harrisburg.

Florida Tropic SC 

Florida Tropics SC entered the professional indoor soccer scene in 2016, bringing high-level arena soccer back to the Tampa Bay region after a nearly 20-year absence. Despite on-field success and strong fan support, the Tropics were unable to come to a lease agreement with the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, their home arena.

Fast Facts: Florida Tropics
Founded: 2016
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Stadium: Currently without home arena
Colors: Orange, blue, white
Taking hiatus for 2023-24 MASL season
Strong ownership and fan support
Aiming to return to MASL in 2024-25
Bright future ahead in Tampa!

As a result, the Tropics will sit out the 2023-2024 MASL season while working towards a return in 2024-2025. The club continues operations of its successful outdoor teams in the UPSL as it aims to find a new long-term indoor home.

With engaged ownership and a passion for growing the game at all levels, the future remains bright for the Tropics organization. Their loyal fans eagerly await the day the Tropics can return to the MASL and resume thrilling indoor soccer action.

Milwaukee Wave

The Milwaukee Wave has been a pillar of professional indoor soccer since its founding in 1984. As the oldest continuously operating pro soccer team in the United States, the Wave has won an astonishing 7 championships across multiple leagues.

Fast Facts: Milwaukee Wave
Founded: 1984
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Championships: 7 total
Home Arena: UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Head Coach: Keith Tozer
Colors: Black, yellow, white
Oldest continuously operating pro soccer team in the U.S.
Revered franchise with loyal fans

Under influential coach Keith Tozer, the Wave dominated the MISL and NPSL for over two decades. They joined the MASL in 2014 and quickly adapted with a first-place finish in their inaugural season.

New ownership and a bold black turf unveiled in 2014 ushered in a new era for the iconic franchise. With unwavering fan support through the decades, the Wave remains a perennial title contender and a stalwart franchise in Milwaukee sports. Their storied history has cemented their status as one of the most revered indoor soccer clubs in American history.

Western Teams
Monterrey Flash
Mesquite Outlaws FC
Chihuahua Savage
Dallas SideKicks
San Diego Sockers
Tacoma Stars
Empire Strykers

Monterrey Flash 

The Monterrey Flash joined the ranks of professional indoor soccer in 2011, quickly finding success by winning the inaugural LMFRPro championship in Mexico. They crossed over to the PASL in 2013 and immediately drew a league-record crowd of 9,626 fans for their first match, demonstrating the massive appeal of arena soccer in Monterrey.

Fast Facts: Monterrey Flash
Founded: 2011
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Division: Southwest
Home Arena: Arena Monterrey
Colors: Yellow, navy blue, white
Lone Mexican club in MASL
Passionate fans love fútbol rápido
Carrying the banner for Mexican soccer

As the lone Mexican club in the rebranded MASL, the Flash have carried the banner for their country while frequently contending for division titles. With continued support from their passionate fanbase, Monterrey remains committed to growing the indoor game and providing a top-notch experience for lovers of fútbol rápido.

Mesquite Outlaws FC 

The Texas Outlaws burst onto the MASL scene in 2019, bringing professional indoor soccer to Mesquite. Led by owner Mehrdad Moayadi and coached by Dallas soccer legend Tatu, the Outlaws quickly established a rivalry with the nearby Dallas Sidekicks.

Fast Facts: Texas Outlaws
Founded: 2019
League: Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)
Home Arena: Dr Pepper Arena in Mesquite, TX
Colors: Black, red, and white
Ownership: Mehrdad Moayedi
Head Coach: Tatu
Key Rival: Dallas Sidekicks
Passionate fanbase in eastern Dallas area

Despite having their inaugural season cut short by the pandemic, the Outlaws built a competitive squad with many players sourced from local tryouts. They’ve become a popular draw for indoor soccer fans in the eastern Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Still a young franchise, the Outlaws have a bright future as they continue growing their fanbase and making their mark on the MASL landscape. With the leadership of Moayadi and Tatu, Texas indoor soccer enthusiasts have a new local team to rally behind.

Chihuahua Savage 

The Chihuahua Savage exploded onto the MASL scene in 2019 as an expansion franchise in M2, bringing pro indoor soccer to northern Mexico. The pandemic cut their inaugural season short, but the Savage made an immediate impact by earning promotion to the MASL for 2021-22.

Fast Facts: Chihuahua Savage
Founded: 2019
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Home Arena: Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Aguirre
Colors: Green, white, and black
Head Coach: Jaime Borrego
2021-22 MASL Champions in just second season
First Mexican team to win MASL title
Building a passionate fanbase in Chihuahua

In their first MASL season, Chihuahua stunned the league by going undefeated and claiming the Ron Newman Cup championship under coach Jaime Borrego. Their rapid rise demonstrated the strong appetite for fútbol rápido in Chihuahua.

Already an established force after just two seasons of play, the Savage has a bright future ahead with engaged ownership and a top-flight squad. They aim to grow into one of Mexico’s premier clubs and achieve continued success in the MASL.

Dallas SideKicks 

The Dallas Sidekicks were revived in 2012, carrying on the legacy of the original Sidekicks dynasty that was a major force in indoor soccer from 1984-2004. The new franchise quickly found success in the PASL and later MASL, buoyed by strong fan support.

Fast Facts: Dallas Sidekicks
Founded: 1984 (original), 2012 (revived)
League: MASL
Home Arena: Allen Event Center
Colors: Red, black, and white
CEO: Ed Puskarich
4 total championships in franchise history
Beloved team with nostalgic Dallas fanbase

After taking a one-year hiatus in 2017 to restructure, the Sidekicks returned under new ownership led by CEO Ed Puskarich. They continue to field competitive teams, though playoff success has been elusive in recent seasons.

With one of the most iconic brands in Dallas sports history, the Sidekicks are determined to regain their prior glory. Their enthusiastic fanbase at the Allen Event Center remains hopeful the Sidekicks can soon add to their four total championships across franchise history.

San Diego Sockers (16x Champions) 

The San Diego Sockers were revived in 2009 after a 13-year absence, restoring one of the most iconic brands in indoor soccer history. As successors to the original Sockers dynasty that dominated the 80s and early 90s, the new franchise embraces its lineage with a similar color scheme and logo.

Fast Facts: San Diego Sockers
Founded: 2009 (revived franchise)
League: MASL
Home Arena: Pechanga Arena
Colors: Red, yellow, and blue
Championships: 16 total (old and new franchise)
Longest pro sports win streak: 48 games
Historic indoor soccer brand in San Diego

The Sockers quickly found success in the PASL and MASL, winning 4 championships since 2009. Their 48-game win streak from 2010-2013 set a United States pro soccer record.

Now back playing in the renovated Pechanga Arena, their original home turf, the Sockers continue to field title-contending squads thanks to strong ownership and fan support. With 16 total championships between the old and new franchises, the Sockers remain synonymous with excellence in indoor soccer.

Tacoma Stars 

The Tacoma Stars were brought back in 2003 after an 11-year absence, reviving the name of the popular MISL club that existed from 1983-1992. The new Stars found success in various regional leagues before making the jump to the professional PASL in 2010.

Fast Facts: Tacoma Stars
Founded: 2003 (revived team)
League: MASL
Home Arena: Accesso ShoWare Center
Colors: Blue, white, and yellow
Seeking first MASL title since joining league
Strong roots in local community

After a brief hiatus in 2013, the Stars returned the following year and eventually moved up to the MASL in 2015. They now field both an indoor team at Accesso ShoWare Center and an outdoor squad in the NPSL.

While searching for their first championship since joining the MASL, the Stars have maintained strong roots in the local community. Their loyal fanbase is hopeful the team can soon replicate the success of the original Stars dynasty that won 2 MISL titles in the 1980s.

Empire Strykers

Founded in 2013 as the Ontario Fury, the team was rebranded as the Empire Strykers in 2022 as they entered their 10th season in the MASL. The Fury made an immediate impact, winning the 2014-15 MASL championship in just their second season.

Fast Facts: Empire Strykers
Founded: 2013 (as Ontario Fury)
Rebranded: 2022
League: MASL
Home Arena: Toyota Arena
Colors: Red, black, and white
2014-15 MASL Champions

Calling the Toyota Arena home, the team quickly established a reputation for fast-paced, high-scoring indoor soccer behind longtime coach Jimmy Nordberg. They also run an M2 developmental squad to cultivate local talent.

While the new Strykers branding marks a new era, the franchise remains focused on providing top-notch indoor action for fans in the Inland Empire region. With continued community support, their future looks bright in Ontario.

YouTube video
Ron Newman Cup Final Highlights

National Indoor Soccer League (NISL)

National Indoor Soccer League
Founded: January 2021
Teams: 7 total (men’s & women’s)
Champions: Fayetteville Fury (men), Memphis Americans (women)
Locations: Southeastern U.S.
Official Partner: Nike
Provides opportunities for player & league development

The National Indoor Soccer League is also one of the platforms conducting professional-level indoor soccer leagues. In this league, there are 5 teams each of both men and women. These are the teams playing indoor soccer league under the banner of NISL:

NISL Teams Standings
NISL Teams Standings
National Indoor Soccer League for Men’s and Women’s Teams
Central Florida Crusaders
Memphis Americans
Columbus Rapids
Tampa Bay Strikers
Fayetteville Fury
YouTube video
Memphis Americans vs. Fayetteville Fury Clash

Starfire Sports (U9-U19 Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues)

Starfire Sports Youth Indoor Soccer
Ages: U9 – U19
Location: Seattle, WA
Season: Spring 2023 (7 weeks)
Registration opens: March 10, 2023
Game days: Saturdays & Sundays
Games per day: 8am – 8pm
Develops skills in controlled environment

Starfire conducts a Youth indoor soccer league in Seattle so that you can enjoy it in an indoor arena in a controlled environment. Playing indoor soccer increases your skill and decision-making ability within no time.

For registration, you can visit the website of Starfire Sports

The next Spring 2023 season will begin on March 25th.

Note: Please don’t register your team if you can’t commit to playing every week. Good luck!

Registration start date: March 10, 2023.

Games would be played on Saturday and Sunday so your wards can enjoy their fun days with healthy activities. Each team will pay $675 before their first game and reach the venue at least an hour before their match starts.

  • Saturday: 8 am-8:45 am; 12 pm-8 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am-8:45 am; 12 pm-5 pm

It’s a seven-week consistent league structure that would be competitive and you’ll be facing some tough teams. For further details, you can visit their site.

Game on Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues

Game On Youth Indoor Soccer
Ages: U4 – U18
Team Registration Fees: $385 – $650
Referee Fees: $7 – $10
Next Season: Starts June 3, 2023
Annual membership required
Visit website for full details

Game on officiates youth indoor soccer leagues for different age groups

  • Under 4 to under 8 team registration cost: $385
  • Under 8 to under 18 team registration cost: $650
  • For individuals under 4 to under 8.
  • The referee fee is almost 7-10$ depending upon the age category.

The next season will start on June 3, 2023.

For more details, you can visit Gameon and have insights into indoor soccer leagues for youth.

They’re also offering annual membership and to play on Gameon Facility you must have their annual membership.

HV Sports Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues

HV Sports Youth Indoor Soccer
Location: Canton, MI
Season: Jan – April 2023
Registration: Nov 16 – Dec 18, 2022
Membership required: $20 individual, $40 family
Team fees: $1200 – $1575
Individual fees: $120 – $150
Leagues for all ages & skill levels

High-Velocity Sports opened in December 2001 and has become Canton’s premier indoor sports complex. Located in Victory Park in front of the Canton Softball Center and next to the Arctic Edge, the 110,000-square-foot facility offers several sports, including indoor soccer, flag football, dodgeball, basketball, and volleyball.

Clinics for soccer, basketball, and volleyball are also available along with summer and school break camps. Birthday parties, field trips, lock-ins, corporate outings, and team building are other options. For more information, please call (734) HV-SPORT.

HV Sports organizes one of the best leagues in town. Teams are distributed according to age, gender, and level of skill. We want you to compete with those who’re skilled as much as you or your team are for a balanced game.

The event starts from January to April 2, 2023, and registration starts from November 16 to December 18, 2022.

To play you need to have a membership which is $20 for an individual and $40 for a family.

Youth Team Fee: $1575  (12-game season)

High School Girls: $1050 (8 games)

U6-U8 Team Fee: $1200  (12 Games) (4v4 league with small goals, similar to your outdoor league)

Individual House Team Fee (Free Agent):

U6-U8:  $120
U9 through High School Leagues:  $150

N/A for 9v9 and 11v11 league play.

UScore-Soccer Adult Indoor Soccer Leagues

uScore Adult Indoor Soccer
Leagues: 5v5, 6v6
Individual fee: $85
Team fee: $750 – $800
Games: 8 per season
Halves: 2 x 22 mins
Prizes for 1st place
Competitive yet recreational

If you want to stay healthy and fit you need to sweat it out and for this indoor soccer is the best solution you can play indoors in an arena without being affected by the weather out there.

  • 5 vs. 5 Adult Indoor Soccer

Register as an Individual: $85

Register as a Team: $750

  • 6 vs. 6 Adult Indoor Soccer

Register as an Individual: $85

Register as a Team: $800

League Details

  • All team registrations require a $200 non-refundable deposit.
  • 2 x 22-minute halves (2-minute half time)
  • 8 Games
  • $25 rescheduling fee for games rescheduled after the schedule is released.
  • 1st Place = Championship T-shirt or other option.
  • We track the league scoring leaders and post them on the website.
  • Shin Guards are Mandatory
  • Team Jerseys must match in color.
  • uScore Sells dry-fit jerseys with numbers for $20 per jersey.

Please review the updated Rules and Procedures. As of 9/29/2022, we have posted the suspensions for behaviors that uScore will not tolerate. Before you play in a uScore league, it is expected that you are familiar with the Rules and Procedures. Do not commit to playing in our leagues if you do not have the temperament, or self-control to play within the spirit of adult recreational soccer.

For details, you can contact them on their site UScore-Soccer.

Las Vagas Sports Park Indoor Soccer League

Fast Facts: St. Louis Ambush
Founded: 2013
League: Major Arena Soccer League
Home Arena: Family Arena in St. Charles
Colors: Orange, white, blue
Ownership: Shelly Clark
Head Coach: Hewerton Moreira
Longest-running pro team in St. Louis
Passionate fans since inaugural season

Under the banner of Las Vagas Sports Park is a top facility to play indoor soccer. You can also play it in a league format and play against some top teams in the city in the form of a competition.

You can play different indoor soccer leagues

  • Adult Indoor Soccer Leagues
  • Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues
  • Youth Basketball Leagues and Classes
  • Sports camps for 5-12 years old
  • Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Camps for 7-15 years

Adult Leagues at Arena Sports SODO

Arena Sports SODO Adult Leagues
Spring season: Starts April 17th
Skill levels: Beginner to pro
Locations: 5 across Washington
Environment: Friendly, healthy competition
Popular option for indoor soccer
Registration open now!

Spring season starts on April 17th 

Registration is open!!!

Arena sports is open for all of you whether you are someone who is a pro or a beginner you’ll be adjusted accordingly. So pack your bags and start enjoying indoor soccer at arena sports.

We ensure healthy competition between all of you and provide a friendly environment for you and your loved ones.

We are available in 5 different locations you can choose the one nearest to you and play sweat and repeat.

We are available at Issaquah, Magnuson, Mill Creek, Redmond, and SODO.

These are some of the top indoor soccer leagues being played and USA’s different cities like Delaware, and Las Vagas Even professional teams of different cities play indoor soccer under the banner Major Arena Soccer League and National Indoor Soccer League but to play at that level you have to go step by step and reach at MASL.

Conclusion of Indoor Soccer Leagues

As the final whistle blows and cheers echo through the arena, remember, that indoor soccer offers more than just electrifying matches. It’s a community where camaraderie thrives, friendships are forged, and skills blossom.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a complete beginner, there’s a league waiting to welcome you with open arms, offering opportunities for growth, fitness, and pure enjoyment.

So, don’t let the final score define your experience. Indoor soccer is a lifelong journey, filled with memorable moments, valuable lessons, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

You’ll learn teamwork, develop resilience, and push your limits in a supportive environment. And who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent or inspire a future futsal phenom!

Remember, the beautiful game extends beyond the polished court. Join an indoor soccer league and discover the hidden treasures it holds: a supportive community, a healthy outlet, and a lifelong passion that keeps you coming back for more, game after game.

Take the first step, lace up your boots, and prepare to be captivated by the magic of indoor soccer!

FAQs of Indoor Soccer Leagues

Some top indoor soccer leagues are conducted by the Major Arena Soccer League(MASL) and the National Indoor Soccer League(NISL).

You can register yourself by visiting their respective sites and paying a fee for the soccer league that you want to play in with your team or individually.

For competitive leagues, you first have to qualify because they need a proper setup with sponsors and a systematic approach that’s why they’re called professional leagues Like MASL and NISL.

Indoor soccer is played in the US while Futsal is played mostly in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The major difference is Indoor Soccer is not recognized by FIFA while Futsal is working under the banner of FIFA.

The name Futsal comes from the Spanish fútbol sala or fútbol de salón and from the Portuguese futebol de salão. The term is commonly translated as “indoor football” but a more literal translation is “Hall/Lounge/Arena Football”

So indoor soccer and futsal are almost the same apart from one being recognized by FIFA and the other not.

Indoor soccer is called Futsal which is its official name. You can also call it arena soccer or hall soccer but officially it’s called Futsal because this is the name by which it’s being registered by the governing body of football FIFA.