Top 7 Indoor Soccer Clubs in the USA

Top Indoor Soccer Clubs

Step aside grassy pitches, there’s a new dance floor for footballing feet!

Indoor soccer, or futsal, is where agility meets artistry, skill meets speed, and players become living legends.

But who are these masters of the polished court?

Who are the athletes pushing the boundaries of the beautiful game indoors?

Get ready to meet the elite indoor soccer clubs who are setting the MASL (Major Arena Soccer League) on fire!

Further, I have discussed the top indoor soccer clubs having a worldwide fan following but it’s played in the US officially in indoor soccer arenas. So, here is the list of some top indoor soccer clubs.

List of Top Indoor Soccer Clubs in the USA

San Diego Sockers
– 14 total championships
– 45-2-1 record past 2 seasons
– Moving to new Oceanside arena in 2024
Baltimore Blast
– 10 championships since 1992
– 3 straight MASL titles from 2016-2018
– Moved to Towson University’s SECU Arena in 2017
Milwaukee Wave
– Founded in 1984
– Oldest pro soccer club in U.S.
– 7 total league championships
Tacoma Stars
– Named after previous Seattle club
– Won 2004 and 2010 league titles
– Share accesso ShoWare Center with WHL club
Utica City FC
– Formerly Syracuse Silver Knights
– Partnered with AHL’s Utica Comets
– Made playoffs every MASL season
Empire Strykers
– Formerly the Ontario Fury
– Share arena with boxing matches
– Captain is US youth nat’l team alum
St. Louis Ambush
– Second version of original club
– Got first-ever winning season in 2021
– Play home games in St. Charles, MO

1. San Diego Sockers

San Diego Sockers Indoor Soccer Club

The San Diego Sockers aren’t just one of the premier franchises in indoor soccer – they are an institution in American professional sports. With 16 total championships over 4 decades of play, the Sockers are royalty.

Recently in the MASL, they have been utterly dominating teams behind high-powered offense and stifling defense. They have put together an eye-popping 45-2-1 record in the past two seasons alone!

And how about that 48-game unbeaten streak last decade? It still stands today as the longest ever in American pro soccer. Simply incredible.

The good times will keep rolling for these kings of indoor footy. Soon they will move into the sparkling new Frontwave Arena and continue asserting their dominance for years to come.

With star-studded alumni like Landon Donovan making cameo appearances, a state-of-the-art home in 2024, and a rich history of sustained excellence, the San Diego Sockers will keep waving that flag with pride for their legions of passionate fans!

2. Baltimore Blast

Baltimore Blast Indoor Soccer Club
Baltimore Blast Indoor Soccer Club

The Baltimore Blast is another legendary indoor soccer franchise, tracing its roots to 1980. Including one title as the original Blast club, this edition has brought home 10 championships since 1992. They currently play home games at SECU Arena on the campus of Towson University.

The Blast won three straight MASL titles from 2016-2018 and were runners-up in 2022. Their championship pedigree and loyal fan following have established Baltimore as an anchor franchise.

3. Milwaukee Wave

Milwaukee Wave
Milwaukee Wave

The Wave is the oldest professional indoor soccer team in the United States. They have been around since 1984. They have won seven championships by playing indoor soccer in different leagues over the years.

On the indoor field, there are usually six players – three defenders, two midfielders, and one striker. The defenders try to get the ball from the other team. The midfielders keep the ball moving to create chances to score. The striker tries to score goals. An athletic goalkeeper blocks shots.

Legendary Coach Keith Tozer was very good at using these positions. He coached the team for over 20 years and won more games than any indoor coach in North America.

Now Coach Guiliano Oliviero leads the team. The Wave keeps finding success. The games here at the Panther Arena downtown are always exciting. As I sit with the cheering fans, we cannot wait to see our players compete hard in their positions all over the indoor field. Let’s go Wave!

4. Tacoma Stars

Tacoma Stars
Tacoma Stars

The Tacoma Stars ignite Washington state’s passion for the indoor game. Named after a previous Seattle-area club, the current Stars were born in 2003. After some flux between leagues in recent years, they now compete in both the MASL and the elite outdoor National Premier Soccer League.

To control the ball on the dasher board-lined indoor field, the Stars wear special footwear optimized for the unique surface. The best soccer shoes purposes have a gum rubber flat sole to stick quick cuts and pivots, as well as a synthetic leather upper for ball control. Traction and fit are key.

The Stars have won two league championships: first in the Premier Arena Soccer League in 2004 and again in the Professional Arena Soccer League in 2010. They host MASL contests at Accesso ShoWare Center in Kent, where fans can see the players’ indoor-specific shoes grip and glide across the field.

5. Utica City FC

Utica City FC
Utica City FC

The Utica City FC soccer team has a new name and home, but success has followed them every step of the way! Originally called the Syracuse Silver Knights, they played at a stadium near Syracuse for 7 seasons starting in 2011. They made the playoffs each year!

But in 2018, big changes were made. The team was renamed “Utica City FC” and they packed up for a new indoor arena over an hour away in the city of Utica, New York. This was done in partnership with Utica’s professional ice hockey team, the Comets.

Now, Utica City FC scores lots of goals in front of loud, passionate fans at the cozy Adirondack Bank Center in the heart of downtown. Their red-hot shotmakers continue to shoot them into the playoffs every single season! Between the move and the team’s winning tradition, things are looking bright for this ambitious club.

With enthusiastic new fans rooting them on, Utica City FC showed smarts by sticking to their successful style of play. The newly named team might be hours away from their old home base, but playoff success followed them all the way!

6. Empire Strykers

Empire Strykers
Empire Strykers

The newest club on this list, the Empire Strykers took the court for the first time in 2022 after rebranding from the Ontario Fury. Based in Ontario, California, the team owns the unique distinction of playing home games at Toyota Arena, a facility primarily used for boxing matches.

In their debut MASL season under new branding, the Strykers narrowly missed out on a playoff berth after finishing 6th in the Western Division. The club features former US youth national team player Giancarlo Servin as captain and face of the franchise.

7. St. Louis Ambush

St. Louis Ambush
St. Louis Ambush

Indoor soccer has deep roots in St. Louis, with the original Ambush claiming three championships in the National Professional Soccer League during the 1990s. The current version joined the MASL in 2013 and plays at the Family Arena in suburban St. Charles.

After early struggles, the second-generation Ambush notched their first-ever winning season in 2021 and qualified for the playoffs. Under coach Hewerton Moreira, they aim to emerge from a crowded St. Louis sports scene and cement a new tradition of success.

Conclusion of Top Indoor Soccer Clubs

The roar of the crowd echoes through packed arenas, the ball blurs across the polished court, and goals explode in a kaleidoscope of color. No, this isn’t your average Sunday kickabout – it’s the electrifying world of indoor soccer clubs, where legends are made and rivalries ignite under the bright lights.

From the legendary Baltimore Blast, boasting a record-breaking nine championships, to the up-and-coming Florida Tropics taking the league by storm with their innovative attack, these MASL (Major Arena Soccer League) titans push the boundaries of the beautiful game.

Think dazzling footwork from Thiago Goncalves, the Brazilian maestro weaving magic for the San Diego Sockers, or Franck Tayou, the Cameroonian rocket terrorizing defenses for the Tacoma Stars.

But it’s not just about individual stars. Witness the unwavering teamwork that fuels legendary rivalries like Baltimore vs. Milwaukee, or the infectious energy of the San Diego “Sea of Teal” fan club, cheering their heroes on to victory.

These clubs are woven into the fabric of their communities, inspiring kids with after-school programs and leaving fans breathless with every gravity-defying goal.

Indoor soccer clubs offer a fast-paced, action-packed spectacle unlike any other. The distinctive dasher boards enclosing the court become a canvas for incredible plays, while the blue card system adds another layer of strategy and drama. With jam-packed arenas and nonstop thrills, it’s no wonder the future of indoor soccer is brighter than ever.

So, ditch the sidelines and join the indoor soccer revolution!

Find your local MASL team, lace up your virtual boots, and get ready to be enthralled by the dazzling skills, fierce competition, and infectious passion that define these incredible clubs.

Remember, they’re not just playing a game – they’re shaping the future of soccer, one electrifying goal at a time!

FAQs of Indoor Soccer Clubs

The San Diego Sockers have won 14 total championships across four different indoor soccer leagues since 1978.

The Baltimore Blast moved into the SECU Arena on the campus of Towson University starting with the 2017-2018 MASL season.

The Milwaukee Wave, founded in 1984, is the oldest continuously operating professional soccer franchise in the United States.

The Tacoma Stars compete in both the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) and the elite outdoor league, the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

Utica City FC partnered with the AHL’s Utica Comets hockey team when rebranding from the Syracuse Silver Knights.

The current head coach of the Milwaukee Wave is Giuliano Oliviero, who took over in recent seasons.


Since 1992, the reformed Baltimore Blast franchise has won 10 total championships.

Over the last two MASL seasons, the San Diego Sockers have a combined 45-2-1 regular season record.